Business Travel Rising in Australia

As 2015 draws to a close, new information from Australian travel and expense technology firm Locomote, shows that local business travellers and 499 distinct cities seen in the last twelve months.

Many business trips included an overnight stay at another city.

When travelling to national destinations, businesses spent on average $730.3 per traveller — including flights, lodging and car rentals. It’s a more hefty bill as it pertains to international business excursions, with the average spend per worker soaring . to $3,492

Essential trends in the Australian company travel sector in 2015

Sydney-based businesses spent the most on corporate journey
New York was the most popular US destination for Aussie company travellers, followed by Los Angeles and San Francisco
Companies spent a mean of $211 per night on lodging for travelling workers
On average, their company journey was reserved by firms 29 days beforehand. Making bookings in progress was an increasing tendency to lower prices
Business Class flew, while 60 per cent of corporate travellers reserved Economy tickets

Philip Weinman, locomote’s CEO and Executive Chairman, said company travel in Australia is growing with workers travelling to both international and local destinations more frequently.

“Corporate journey continues to become an significant part of company he said. With world-wide businesses starting new offices in cities all over the world, and businesses signing deals with international organisations, workers must travel to a lot of destinations.
“The demand for flights to the US has moved Qantas and American Airlines to enlarge their number of paths between Australia and North America, supplying more flights

Locomote, Philip Weinman, CEO and Executive Chairman

We can see that businesses are contemplating the added costs of last minute preparation and are taking particular attention to reserve a mean of 29 days in advance, in order to get lower prices and better deals.

“we’re looking at a growing Australian company travel sector that’s being aware of budgets as it constant to grow, said Weinman.

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