Top 10 Business Schools in Australia

business-school Australian universities, to are conventional big batters when it comes to academic standing.

Australia is the most popular MBA study destination in Asia Pacific, ahead of China, India and Singapore, and the fourth most popular on the planet.

The MBA in Australia: Top 10

1. Melbourne Business School

Melbourne Business School keeps its spot as the number one destination for an MBA in Australia in the eyes of company professors and international recruiters. Nevertheless, it’s lost ground in the regional MBA positions for Asia Pacific in dropping from third to seventh position overall.

The first association to grant an MBA in Australia in 1965, Melbourne Business School attains the best score in the new academic section of this year’s MBA positions in this top 10. The school offers its view on the state’s present financial aid landscape in this recent post.

2. Despite dropping one spot to ninth, the school stays Australia’s final and second member of Asia Pacific’s top 10 in this year’s regional MBA ranks.

3. College of Economics and Business, Australian National University ANU

The school has a strong tilt towards research, with four research schools offering insights from actuarial studies to data, into six distinct areas of specialty.

The new accession of an academic section to this year’s regional MBA ranks is not unlikely to have let ANU’s College of Economics and Business to increase from 14th to 11th and the cusp of Asia Pacific’s top 10.

4. La Trobe University, La Trobe Business School

La Trobe UniversityLa Trobe Business School leaps from seventh to fourth place in 2014/15’s Australia standings.

A fresh-look MBA program was established by La Trobe Business School as lately as 2012, and has fared well in its name since then, scaling nine areas in consecutive years among Asia Pacific’s top business schools, from 32nd to 23rd in 2013, and now entering the area’s top 15 in 14th. La Trobe reached MBA ranks are ’sed by the top 10’s best score in the company section of this year.

5. Monash University, Monash Business School

This year’s top five associations at which to study an MBA in Australia, growing from sixth position last time round is made by Monash UniversityMelbourne’s Monash Business School at Monash University.

The Monash MBA program is frequently finished over two years – a construction that’s been designed to enable students the choice to join working with studying.

Monash reported the top 10’s greatest percentage of international students in the greatest percentage of female pupils, together with its MBA course this year.

6. UQ Business School, University of Queensland

UQ has also shot up in the Asia Pacific regional MBA ranks not featuring at all this time, and moving into this year’s top 20 from 35th standing in 2012.

The first MBA students registered at the Brisbane-based association in 1972, when the university started offering management instruction from a brand new section of only three staff.

UQ Business School, as it’s understood now, came into being when the university’s direction and business schools converged with the inclusion of UQ’s technology and innovation centre in 2004, in 2002.

7. Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong

Sydney Business School Sydney Business School (SBS) is down two spots to seventh in Australia this time round. It additionally now falls just outside the top 20 for Asia Pacific as a whole, before the change in QS’s MBA ranks methodology having been rated 15th last year.

8. Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Macquarie University

Nevertheless, MGSM is well-established in Australia and beyond, reporting the top 10’s maximum average GMAT score (680) this year. The school has offered its MBA from a campus in Hong Kong since 1994 and was founded in 1969. More lately, the school established a scholarship fund worth nearly US$7 million, aimed at reducing Australia’s sex imbalance at MBA degree and supporting female registration.

9. Graduate School of Law and Business, RMIT University

RMIT UniversityNinth this year is RMIT University’s Graduate School of Law and Business. Although, this is a fall of one area in Australia on last year, RMIT (that’s ‘Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology’, in case you were wondering) has climbed nine spots to 25th in the MBA ranks for the Asia Pacific area.

The university started life at the end of the 19th century as a Working Men’s College, before formally changing its name in 1960 to represent the royal patronage bestowed upon it by Elizabeth II of England, to.

The MBA program is offered by the Graduate School of Law and Business – one and one that loved renovations.

Its full time MBA is normally finished in one and half to two years, although there’s a chance to advance more rapidly should you want to be allowed ‘advanced standing’.

There’s additionally an alternative at RMIT Vietnam, set up around the turn of the century, where an one-year MBA directed at recent grads and pre-experience pupils is accessible.

10. UWA Business School, University of Western Australia

UWA Business School emerged from the splicing of its Graduate School of Management and the university’s School of Economics and Commerce in 2007.

An MBA from UWA has been on offer since 1973, although 2015 finds the beginning of a fresh cohort established fulltime MBA program to supplement a flexible MBA alternative that’s been offered on a part time or full time basis.

UWA Business School is, in addition, the sixth representative in our list to be based at an associate of the state’s highly regarded university coalition referred to as the Group of Eight (Go8).